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Significance Of  Shiksha Marketplace Script Shiksha Marketplace php script will be advantageous for all those who want to build up an online education site alike Shiksha. The education and career guide portal will help students to gain access to all types ...
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  • Significance Of  Shiksha Marketplace Script

    Shiksha Marketplace php script will be advantageous for all those who want to build up an online education site alike Shiksha. The education and career guide portal will help students to gain access to all types of information that a student needs to find and enroll in the education program. Affordable E-learning Community Script With the dawn of internet, online learning has been looming on the horizon. As a result of progressive demand for e-learning education, the demand for e-learning php script is progressively becoming popular.

    The script provides an affordable business solution for buyers who want to set up a replica of Shiksha. It is a readymade product that can be easily installed, tailored to meet the needs of the buyers. The script comes with varied features like user friendly, easy to access the admin panel and lot more that enables a buyer to run and build the site with just few clicks. These features will help the users to go for simple search for all types of education, college university degree programs, create a profile, access resource on visas, relocation and other vital information. Hence no matter what type of institution or program it is, the product will assists an individual to construct a web portal for online education to help students connect with the schools.

    Advantages Of Shiksha Script

    • Helps to build a stunning professional looking Shiksha Marketplace site with no time
    • Get more students to enroll in your programs
    • Easily find students who want to attend your institution
    • Increase revenue opportunities for your institution
    • Economical
    • Handy
    • License file for each domain<
    • 100% source codes
    • Front End Features
    • Back End Features
    • Front End Features:

      Top Most Features:

      Note:Payment gateway and sms gateway charges are payable by buyer

      • Home
      • Login | Facebook Login

            a. Student registration
            b. College Registration
            c. Teacher Registration
            d. Consultant registration [ paid feature ]

      • Forgot Password
      • Log Out
      • Student Dashboard

            a. Edit my Profile
            b. Change Password
            c. Upload Resume
            d. Search College
            e. Search Course
            f. Apply for the course
            g. Apply to College
            h. Study Abroad
            i. My Message
            j. Rate My College
            k. Rate My Teacher
            l. My download courses
            m. Download Study Materials
            n. My Payment

      • College Dashboard

            a. Edit Profile
            b. Edit About
            c. Gallery
            d. Brochure
            e. Contact
            f. Add Courses
            g. Facilities
            h. Admission Time Table
            i. Admission Form
            j. Our Students
            k. Applied Students
            l. Enquiry List
            m. Reply Enquiry
            n. Job For teacher
            o. News
            p. Events
            q. Send News Letter to students
            r. Success story

      • Teacher Dashboard

            a. Edit Profile
            b. Upload resume
            c. Change Password
            d. Upload study materials
            e. Sale Study materials
            f. Enquiry List & Reply
            g. My Rate
            h. My Vote
            i. Apply to college

      • Consultant Dashboard [ paid feature ]

            a. Edit Profile
            b. Services
            c. Change Password
            d. Buy Lead Packages
            e. Payment
            f. Enquiry List & Reply

      • Gallery

            a. Student Pictures
            b. News students
            c. Videos Youtube

      • Courses

            a. List of course category
            b. Courses under category
            c. Courses video
            d. Comments & rating
            e. Facebook like
            f. Refer a friends
            g. Download courses
            h. Number of download
            i. Pay for the course fees
            j. Featured courses
            k. Top 10 download courses

      • Search
      • Seminars

            a. List of seminars
            b. Venue and date

      • Jobs
      • Study abroad
      • Events
      • Top Institutes
      • Advertisement
      • Test Preparation

      Extra Features:

      Newly Added Features:

      • Help
      • Apply for visa
      • Apply for loan
      • Ask A question
      • Career Tips
      • Package for consultant [ paid feature ]
      • Get a private tutor
      • About
      • Contact us
      • Support
      • List of subjects
      • Edit
      • Add new
      • Delete
      • Subject/Category Management
      • Course Management
      • Feedback Comment/Rating
      • Download management
      Study abroad
      • College list
      • Add new
      • Apply loan
      • Apply Visa


    • Backend Features


      Admin Features :

      Management Features:


      • No of visitors
      • No of college & schools
      • No of students registered
      • No of teachers registerd
      • No of applications
      • No of enquires
      • No of courses
      • No of jobs
      • No of advertisements
      • Graphical charts
      • Content List
      • Add New
      • Edit / delete Content
      • Password protected admin control panel
      • Login
      • Forgot password
      • View Site
      • Site Overview : statistics chart
      • Content management

      Teacher Management

      Education Consultant Management [ paid feature ]

      • List of teacher
      • Edit details
      • Edit / delete
      • Add New
      • Study materials
      • Applied for job
      • Rating & reviews
      • Enquires & reply
      • Teacher Subject wise
      • Top rated Teacher

        Career Tips

      • List of consultants
      • Edit details
      • Delete
      • Add New
      • Enquiry reply
      • Buy Packages

        Package Managements

      • List of tips
      • Edit & Delete
      • Add new
      • Comments
        • List of packages
        • Edit / delete
        • Add new

      Other Features:

      Extra Features:

      Purchase Order

      Ask Questions

      • List of Payment
      • Edit / delete
      • List of questions
      • Add reply
      • Delete
        1. Service management
        2. Gallery Management
        3. Payment Management
        4. Sms gateway integration
        5. Faq Management
        6. Jobs management
        7. Sitemap
        8. News Letter
        9. Other modules as per front end requirements
      • Buy Packages
      • Case studies
      • Blogs
      • Faq
      • Terms and conditions
      • Privacy Policy
      • Social Media Link
      • Support Ticket
      • Chat
      • SMS Gateway Integration
      • Sitemap
      • Newsletter
      • Payment gateway Integration


      Newly Added Features:

      Extra Features:

      Student Management Module Features

      • List of students
      • Edit student details
      • Apply to college list
      • Download
      • Delete
      • Messages
      • Students by degree

      College Management

      • List of college , Schools Institutes
      • Approve college
      • Add new
      • Edit info
      • Edit gallery
      • Edit courses
      • Edit brochures
      • Edit facilities
      • Edit contact info
      • Application form
      • Delete
      • Rating & reviews
      • List of students
      • Enquires reply
      • Jobs
      • News events


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